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A former member of the Veretian King's Guard. He is a crass, foul-minded and lustful rude man who has full backing of the Regent, and thus is a seasoned swordsman tasked with overthrowing Laurent. He often antagonizes Damen as well.


Govart's appearance is described as completely opposed as that of a pet, and very unlike the preferences of most courtesans in the Court of Vere. He is described by Damen as tall, muscular with lank black hair and a nose that seems to have been flattened down by excessive fighting. When Damen encounters him in the ring, he exudes such ferocious energy the protagonist wonders who would be suicidal enough to punch such a beast in the head.

Even in his clothing he is very negligent.


Govart is described through the Books as a ferocious man who has little self-awareness or respect for etiquette. Despite bedding between men and women being taboo in Vere, he is seen shamelessly exiting a brothel when Damen escapes the Palace in the Captive Prince.

He thrives in battle and violence and does not care for his partners' pleasure in intimate relationships, as evidenced by the fact that he decided to rape Erasmus, who was a virgin, solely to take revenge on Damen, and was persuaded by money to attempt to rape the latter in the ring.

He resents Damen ever since his defeat in the ring.


The Captive Prince[]

Govart is first presented as a pet competing in the ring, though it is obvious for all that he lacks all the qualities that makes one : he is a brute, muscular and ferocious, and lacks all the delicate beauty of the pleasure slaves of the courtiers of Vere. He was chosen by Laurent to compete against Damen, who was drugged, and eventually rape him to assert dominance. Instead he was knocked unconscious and thus became an enemy of Damen.

He is loyal to the Regent, who took him in after he was turned away from the former King's Guard for being too difficult.

He is then seen again in the Palace's Garden, while Damen talks with Erasmus, a slaves that was originally trained to serve him. In order to get revenge on Damen and get the fuck he thinks was owed to him, he decides to rape Erasmus, relishing in the pleasure he gets from reminding Damen he has no power as a slave.

Govart is seen again when Damen escapes the Castle, exiting a brothel. He recognises Damen a fights him while the Guard arrives, a worker from the brothel alerts the guard by screaming.

At the end of the Book, it is revealed he was chosen to be the Captain of the Prince's Guard, further endangering Laurent's life. According to Laurent and Jocard it is likely he will rape several servants during the campaign.

The Prince's Gambit[]

Govart, who is now Captain of the Prince's Guard makes things difficult for his subordinates. He spends most of his time fucking the stable boy, and ends up not paying him, interrupted by Damen on Jord's and Laurent's orders. He prevents his soldiers from retaliating against the Regent's Guard, which worsens the already tense atmosphere and makes Damen fear he will play a part in overthrowing Laurent. He only gives basic orders to the mercenaries and third-grade fighters that make up Laurent's guard, selected by the Regent himself, while Jord shoulders most of the responsibilities of a Captain of the Guard.

When a fight breaks out between Lazar and Aimeric in chapter two, he backhands the latter across the face, claiming he needs to discipline him; this cause the main of the campaign to resent him. This prompt Laurent to humiliate him publicly, misinterpreting Damen's advice.

He purposefully makes the Prince wait, tarnishing his authority, while he commits a taboo by having intimate relationships with a curly-haired woman from the keep, which he feels no shame about. It is suggested he has leverage over Laurent, which prevents him from calmly and efficiently discipline him. He suggests Laurent is upset because the only man he has ever felt lust for is his brother Auguste, which prompts Prince Laurent to challenge him to a public fight. Although Damen thinks Laurent couldn't possibly win, the Prince demonstrates flawless swordsmanship which makes up for his lack of brute strength by taking advantage of his balance and coordination.

Due to his growing anger which makes him commit senseless mistakes, Govart is publicly humiliated by Laurent, which every man attending the duel thought to be a sheltered Prince and a milksop. After losing his weapon thrice and having his sword arm sliced, he charges at Laurent, only to have his shoulder cut through by his opponent, much like how a wounded boar should not be left to be.

Laurent order his men to strip him and throw him out the keep, and announces that if Govart really wishes to survive he will reach the village two miles to the west through his own means, and names Jord Captain instead. As Laurent announces his uncle couldn't have possibly known that Govart was so ill-minded, Damen muses that the humiliation might have made Govart an even more dangerous enemy for Laurent.