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King Damianos of Akielos or Damen, is the protagonist of the Captive Prince trilogy. He is the son of Theomedes and Egeria, and Kastor's half-brother. He is also the rightful King of Akielos, and is sent to Vere at the beginning of Captive Prince to be a pleasure slave to Prince Laurent


Damen is described throughout the series as having a big and strong physique with broad shoulders and tall height [3]. He is rather muscular with olive skin and the strength that he wields with his body type. He is regarded as the perfect soldier.
In Prince's Gambit, because of his dominant physique, he was asked to do the traditional service of breeding with the Vaskian women [4]. Damen has two scars prior to the beginning of the series: one on his abdomen inflicted in a duel against Kastor on Damen's thirteenth birthday[5], and one on his shoulder received from Auguste at Marlas[6] when Damen was nineteen[7].

Damen is also described as being rather attractive by Laurent [8] and he has a good natured spirit as described by Charls. It is revealed in The Adventure of Charls, The Veretian Cloth Merchant, that he has a dimple on his left cheek. [9]

From his early times as a 'slave', Damen received scars that cover his entire back during a flogging session shortly after infuriating Laurent in the baths.[10]


  • Damen is bisexual.
  • Damen is shown to have a preference for light complexions and blond hair, as seen in Laurent and Jokaste.
  • The name Damianos is a variation of Damian, a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "to tame, subdue".[11]


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