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Ancel is the pet of Veretian courtier Berenger. He gives Damen a blowjob by Laurent's instruction.

He is shown to be skilled with fire dancing, much to Damen's surprise.

He is the main character in the short story 'Pet'


Ancel was a prostitute at a brothel in Sanpelier before he got his first contract with the son of a regional merchant by claiming he was already the pet of 'Lord Arten', an invented noble.

He persuaded the merchant's son to give him as a gift to a trading magnate called Louans for the night. Louans bought his contract for a year and took him to the party where he met Lord Rouart.

He antagonized Lord Rouart by pretending to have sex with him in front of all the guests. This sparked a bidding war for his contract which Lord Berenger won.