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Aimeric is a character in the Captive Prince Trilogy, though he only appears in Prince's Gambit. He was the son of Ambassador Guion and Loyse and was the youngest of four brothers. He was Jord's lover.


Aimeric is described as quite pretty. Indeed, when he is mentioned in the 12th chapter Captive Prince, Damen remarks this, while Laurent suggests for Jord to warn him and the servants to sleep with their legs closed, since Govart, known for forcing himself upon those he fancy, might try to have his way with them during the campaign.

He has elegant and graceful features, more fit for a noble than for a soldier of the Prince's Guard. He also looks prettier from up close according to Damen, with an aristocratic face, beautifully shaped eyebrows, a pretty mouth and long, dark lashes.


From his first encounter with Damen, Aimeric has proved himself very loyal to Prince Laurent, ready to be beaten by three soldier who insulted him, and attached to virtues such as honour. Thus he hates Damen who turned his coat on Laurent, telling on him to the Regent when he was lashed for being too forward in the baths.

He is very eager to prove his worth and quick to anger, stating he will continue protecting his Prince's honour even if it harms him, which prompts Damen to suggest he should be fired from the Army, as his temper and his beauty are likely to cause fights.

It is said he joined Laurent's guard only so he could get his father's attention as his 4th son, and openly show his loyalty towards Laurent and disagreement with his father through his hard work when they rejoin Ravenel in Prince's Gambit

Because he grew up as a 4th son outside from the Regent's Court, Aimeric has been starved for gossip and eagerly seek and spread rumors. Thus he is the one to ask the other soldiers precisions about Laurent's virginity and sexual preferences around the campfire in Prince's Gambit, and to spread misunderstandings about him and Damen when he catch the two reentering the former's room through a hidden backdoor, after a secret mission, Damen sporting a visibly sexually satisfied expression.



The Captive Prince[]

Aimeric is only mentioned by Laurent and Jord in the 12th Chapter of the Captive Prince, because he has looks good enough to be targeted by Govart, who is known for forcing himself upon those he fancy.

The Prince's Gambit[]

In his first appearance, Aimeric is overheard by Damen as he tries to protect Laurent's honour, which was insulted by three of the Regent's soldiers. It earns him a nose-breaking punch, but Damen, who was in the inventory, intervenes soon enough to deescalate the altercation. Although has a bloody nose, he refuses further help from the latter, for he sees him as nothing more than a traitor for his Prince. Damen notes he has fierce loyalty for Laurent, which often starts fight with the Regent's Guard, which's members often comment on Laurent's looks and virtue.

When Damen is summoned by Laurent after beating Orlant in a spar, wood training sword against steel, Aimeric is smug, reminding him Laurent hate him.

It escalates so much Damen suggests Laurent fire him from the campaign, before his temper and his beauty cause more problem once his loyalty for Laurent fades and he gives in to the advances of the other soldiers. Laurent refuses, because he is Councilior Guilon's fourth son, and states Aimeric follows him partly to get his father's attention by splitting his loyalties.

A few days later, he is summoned along with Lazar before Laurent, to explain why they got into a fight. Unbeknownst to his and most of the company, it was a devised plot to publicly humiliate Govart, who should have thwarted the fight but didn't because he was asked by the Regent to sabotage the campaign, and strip him of his responsibilities. Aimeric is deeply embarrassed by this event, which leads him to act with more deference around his fellow soldiers. As a result, when Laurent devises the new training regiment, he works hard and comes to admire the new Captain Jord, as a man who was able to raise above is birth. Damen sense this admiration could develop into something more and urges Jord to act upon it, as he already feels signs of attraction toward the young man. According to Damen, it is only a matter of time before Aimeric lets one of his comrades bed him and it would be better for everyone if Jord was the one he gave him.

When Jord and Damen invite him to warm around the fire, he verbally expresses his admiration towards Jord and stares at him, hinting at his feelings, which prompts Damen to give them privacy.

Damen's suspicions are proven right a mere days later when he his is tasked by Laurent to notify Jord of their departure : Aimeric flushes as he is caught in the intimate act with Jord.

Their relationship is that of intimacy and support, as the next day, when Damen comes back after the planned uprising, Jord conforts a shaken Aimeric, who had to cut down Orlant, one of the traitors paid by the Regent. He got cut himself in the process, and is further shocked because he realize he has killed his lover's friend. Damen observes in the shadows as Aimeric lets Jord warp him up in his arm and only leaves when Aimeric ask Jord to kiss him (or more), the moment turning deeply intimate.

This reassurance allows Aimeric to fight with renewed bravour when Damen urges the company to face the ambush on the very night on the uprising because he thinks the victory will lift their spirits. His mood has bettered enough for him to sit among the soldiers sprawled around the fire. He is also not shy about his relationship with Jord : when one of his comrades crudely asks what a aristocratic blowjob feels like, he looks at them right in the eyes and tells them it feels fantastic, which makes Jord smile proudly.

His relationship and intimate moments with Jord are told through Damen's eyes, who often catches them in the act or eavesdrops long enough to hear and see them start making love when he could turn away swiftly. The second time Damen leaves on a secret mission alone with Laurent in Ravenel, the former eavesdrops on them on the guise of discretion. Aimeric is dragging a hesitant (because he doesn't feel at ease in such rich bedding) Jord to his noble chambers. They are passionate, and Damen notes that Aimeric's antagonistic nature becomes pliant in Jords arms, and judges that Jord brings out the best of Aimeric.

At Ravenel, Aimeric works hard to for the company, showing his disagreement with his father's opinions and loyalties. Still, his taste for gossip shows with how fast he spreads rumors about Laurent and Damen's sexual activities : when the two reenter the former's room through a hidden passageway and open the door to find him waiting, he interprets Damen's sexually satisfied expression due to breeding with the Vaskan women as a proof of his relationship with Laurent.

The King Rising[]